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Covid 19 Announcement

San Diego Announcement regarding opening during Covid-19

At SDIA, your safety is our number 1 priority. To keep all of our staff and customers safe, we have implemented meticulous processes to make sure that no surface stays dirty and no customer or staff member gets exposed to this virus.
While our family fun center is closed, our ice hockey and figure skating sport departments are open for training purposes.
In order to enhance our policies that are already enforced, we are requiring all customers/coaches/staff/skaters to wear a mask or a face shield when doing the following:
+Entering the SDIA parking lot.
+Entering the rink from the outside.
+Entering any docking area.
+Walking through the lobby.
+Entering the pro shop.
And please remember to always maintain a 6ft distance from others while sitting in the bleachers.
Oh... and we have ONE MORE RULE... HAVE FUN!!
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